Investing in the future

WindShareFund IV ClimateBonds invests in high
quality wind turbines in Germany. You receive 3% fixed base interest per year
plus profit sharing, possibly rising to an annual average of 4.97% interest.

The registration WindShareFund IV ClimateBonds has been completed successfully.

  • WindShareFund since 2015:
  • € 25 million invested
    in wind turbines
  • More than
    1,500 participants
  • Rating: 9.5
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  • Base interest rate

    3% fixed base interest rate per annum over a maximum period of 10 years

  • Renewable energy

    Wind energy is a proven, dependable technology

  • German law

    Secure purchase with fixed kWh rates

  • CO2 offsetting

    € 7,000 makes your household CO2 neutral

Sustainable investment

WindShareFund IV ClimateBonds are climate bonds that allow you to invest in high-quality wind turbines. This combines a profitable investment with your personal contribution to the transition to sustainable, green energy.

When you participate in ClimateBonds, you are granting a loan to WindShareFund Europe N.V. WindShareFund Europe N.V. will combine the proceeds of the ClimateBonds issue with bank loans to invest in several onshore wind turbines in Germany. You will receive a 3% base interest rate per annum over a maximum period of 10 years. The total return may be increased subsequently due to potential profit-sharing at the end of the term. ClimateBonds are available for €1,000 each.

The information on this website is deemed to be advertising. The prospectus contains detailed information about ClimateBonds; the information on this website has been simplified. Potential investors should read the prospectus with a view to fully understanding the potential risks and benefits. The prospectus can be downloaded under ‘Prospectus Review’.

“From my entry date, I have experienced WindShareFund as a positive investment. The written information in advance, the interim newsletters and the telephone contacts keep you well informed about the developments of the WindShareFund. Its purpose is, of course, commendable. WindShareFund is definitely recommended!” Jacob, participant in WindShareFund III en IV

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About ClimateBonds

With your participation in ClimateBonds, you are granting a loan to WindShareFund Europe N.V. You will receive a 3% base interest rate per annum over a maximum period of 10 years. In addition, you may receive profit-sharing: 50% of any available profit* will be distributed to the participants on a pro rata basis. Profit may be realised through the sale of the wind turbines at the end of the term of ClimateBonds. This may further increase the average annual return. ClimateBonds can be traded privately and are available for €1,000 each.

* For the convenience of readers, the term “profit” is used here. The terms and conditions of the ClimateBonds describe precisely how any distributions will be calculated.

Sensible investment

The ‘Energiewende’ (energy transition) is an important item on the German political agenda. By 2050, at least 80% of Germany’s electricity needs will be covered by renewable energy. Wind energy plays a major role in this transition. To promote this process, energy legislation described in the Erneuerbare Energien Gesetz (EEG) guarantees fixed offtake prices and the compulsory purchase of renewable energy by energy companies. In our opinion, this makes the German wind energy market a stable investment climate. We select high-quality wind turbines and invest your capital only in functioning wind turbines that are already connected to the electricity grid.

Turbine map
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The investments in ClimateBonds made by investors in WindShareFund I, II and III have already made it possible to purchase wind turbines from the manufacturer Enercon in two wind farms in Germany.

Prospectus Review

The prospectus of WindShareFund Europe N.V. (WindShareFund IV) has been approved by the competent Luxembourg financial markets authority, the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), where it is registered in the register of approved prospectuses. The prospectus has been notified and registered in accordance with Chapter V of Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 in the notified registers of the countries listed below:

  • Netherlands, Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM)

  • Belgium, Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA)

  • France, Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)

  • Germany, Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin)

This means that ClimateBonds are available in the five countries mentioned. The prospectus can be downloaded below.


All investments involve financial risks. An investment in ClimateBonds exposes you to default risk. As a result, you may lose (part of) your initial investment. There is also the risk that we will not be able to pay out (the full amount of) the interest or profit sharing, or that you will not be able to find a buyer in the event of trading prior to the maturity of ClimateBonds. Please refer to the prospectus for a detailed overview of the risks. The approval of the prospectus by the regulator should not be considered to be an endorsement of ClimateBonds.

“I find it a very satisfying way to invest money and to profit from it. It is very nice to receive a supplement to my pension every quarter.” Ms Stevens, participant in WindShareFund III.
  • Wind risk

    The wind does not always blow consistently. WindShareFund will consult available wind reports over a longer period of time. We then base our forecasts on a conservative estimate of the average wind forecast.

    Technical defects in turbines

    There may be technical defects in the wind turbines. Any technical defects are resolved by the wind turbine supplier under a comprehensive service contract. The supplier guarantees 95% to 98% technical availability (exact percentage depending on the manufacturer: Enercon, Siemens, Nordex, Vestas or General Electric). If availability falls below this level, the supplier will compensate for lost revenue.

    External factors

    There is a risk of damage to the wind turbines due to external causes. The wind farm is insured against damage due to a number of causes such as lightning strikes, aircraft damage and explosions and for damages caused by a source external to the wind farm as well as for damages caused by fire within the systems of the wind turbines. However, not all damages can be insured (under acceptable terms). Examples include damage caused by terrorist attacks, natural disasters or war.

    Decrease in energy price

    What if the energy price falls? It is for precisely this reason that we are investing in wind turbines in Germany that fall under the original German EEG legislation with a guaranteed fixed offtake price for renewable energy for a longer period of time.

    Construction and permits

    Circumstances may arise during the construction of wind turbines that lead to the postponement or adjustment of the necessary permits. WindShareFund does not assume this risk: we only invest in functioning wind turbines that are already connected to the electricity grid and produce renewable energy.

    A detailed overview of all the risks is included in the prospectus, which you can download without obligation.

    The 7 certainties of WindShareFund ClimateBonds:

    1.  High quality onshore wind turbines in Germany.

    2. Binding German energy legislation (the EEG) guarantees fixed purchase prices of renewable energy for (more than) the entire term of the ClimateBonds.

    3. We only invest in functioning wind turbines that are connected to the electricity grid.

    4. Technical availability guarantee from 95% to 98%.

    5. The wind turbines are insured to the greatest extent possible.

    6. We only work together with strong partners who we consider to be reliable, in our experience.

    7. Green and sustainable investment with a base interest rate of 3%.

  • Characteristics of the WindShareFund Europe N.V. (WindShareFund IV)

    ClimateBonds (bonds)
    WindShareFund Europe N.V.
    WindShareFund N.V.
    Base interest rate
    3% per annum
    Interest payment
    Possible, 50% at maturity (pro rata)
    Issue costs
    One-time fee of 2% (of the total subscription amount)
    €1,000 per ClimateBond
    Participation starting from
    1 ClimateBond
    Maximum 10 years
    CO2 reduction per ClimateBond
    1.2 tonnes of CO2 per year
    Technical research on wind turbines
    Deutsche WindGuard and partners
  • Why is WindShareFund investing in Germany?

    Germany has a strong economy, consistent legislation and is at the vanguard in wind energy. Germany has a stable investment climate in general and in renewable energy in particular. The original EEG (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz), within the scope of which WindShareFund Europe N.V. buys wind turbines, guarantees fixed purchase prices for renewable energy. This legislation is valid for at least 20 years and provides a basis of stability and certainty.

    What specifically does the original EEG entail?

    The EEG is an incentive scheme for the production of renewable energy. It consists of firmly established legislation that regulates that energy generated from renewable sources is “given priority” over energy from fossil sources. A fixed fee is also set for any renewable energy supplied. The scheme stipulates an obligation to purchase sustainably generated energy at a fixed price. This determination is issued for a period of 20 years per wind turbine. The German authorities indirectly guarantee, through this legislation, that the energy generated must be purchased at a fixed price.

    Is the 3% base interest rate per year guaranteed?

    Investing always involves some risk. However, ClimateBonds feature a fixed interest payment that can almost always be distributed. This could change only in very exceptional situations. Strictly speaking, the 3% base interest rate is therefore not fully guaranteed. However, ClimateBonds is a very stable investment product as the risks are fully hedged where possible. In addition, we work exclusively with reliable, reputable parties. This means that, as a participant, you do not run more risk than necessary. You can find more information about risks and certainties on our website.

    How does the profit sharing work?

    The wind turbines will be sold at the end of the term of the ClimateBonds. Profit may be left after deduction of all costs and taxes. 50% of this profit will be distributed to the participants on a pro rata basis. This means that 50% of the profit will be divided by the number of ClimateBonds, and that amount will be multiplied by the number of ClimateBonds a participant has. This amount is then paid to each individual participant.

    What is the minimum investment?

    The minimum deposit is €1,000. An investment of €1,000 means you can participate with 1 ClimateBond. It is also possible to purchase more than one. The relatively low entry price makes investing in WindShareFund accessible to more people.

    What costs will be charged when I register?

    WindShareFund has managed to keep participation costs as low as possible. As a participant, you pay a one-off 2% issue fee based on the participation fee. No further costs will be charged to you during the term of the investment. WindShareFund will not charge you for management fees or other costs. Your interest rate payment will continue throughout the term, with no need for you to worry about unexpected costs.

    What are issue costs?

    Issue costs are the costs WindShareFund incurs to be able to offer the issue. These costs are incurred, among other things, for raising capital in the fund. It is a one-off fee to be paid by the investor. In simple terms, the issue of the ClimateBonds is made possible by the issue costs charged.

    How does an investment of €7,000 make my household CO2-neutral?

    Renewable energy production offsets energy generated by CO2 emissions. The production of wind energy does not generate CO2 emissions. A two-person household emits approximately 8 tonnes of CO2 annually through energy in the home and transport. Investing in one WindShareFund ClimateBond represents a direct CO2 reduction of 1.2 tonnes per year. Investing in seven WindShareFund ClimateBonds achieves full CO2 offsetting for an average household of two people.

    Why does WindShareFund invest in onshore wind turbines?

    Onshore wind turbines are easily accessible. In addition, an onshore wind turbine, for example, is less exposed to the effects of weathering than a wind turbine at sea (e.g. the long-term effects of salt water) and therefore has a longer lifespan. This means less frequent maintenance and lower maintenance costs. The construction of wind turbines at sea also entails higher costs. At sea, materials have to be transported to the location on the water. In addition, it is also more complex and costly to construct the foundation of a wind turbine at sea. In short, the costs of an onshore wind turbine are lower.

    Why has the WindShareFund IV prospectus been registered with and approved by the Luxembourg Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)?

    WindShareFund’s mission to accelerate the energy transition aims to have a much more international impact in the short term. We do this by offering ClimateBonds in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France. This immediately reaches a much larger audience. Luxembourg’s central location in relation to the other four countries, as well as its excellent reputation and expertise as the investment fund and banking capital country of Europe, means that WindShareFund has chosen to have the prospectus approved there. The CSSF is the national financial markets authority in Luxembourg. In the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France, the prospectus has been registered by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) in accordance with European regulations and is registered in the registers of the relevant financial authorities.

About WindshareFund

WindShareFund makes investing in a better environment simple and attractive. With ClimateBonds, participants invest in high quality wind turbines. Attractive investing goes hand in hand with contributing to the transition to sustainable, green energy.

Transition to sustainable energy

Reducing CO2 emissions is essential for our future to maintain the Earth as we know it today and to pass it on to future generations. We consider it important for everyone to be able to contribute to promoting the transition to sustainable energy. The more people are committed to doing this, the faster we can deliver results together and achieve more impact in accelerating the energy transition.

WindShareFund since opening first fund on 30 April 2015

  • 4 funds realised (3 regular funds and 1 growth fund) More than 1,500 participants in 29,400 Bonds
  • Quarters since completion of first fund: 19 Quarterly interest paid: 19x
  • Green electricity for 8,000 households per year CO2 reduction of 11,760 tonnes = 588,000 trees per year

Sustainable Development Goals

With our team we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. One of the concrete objectives concerns the promotion of affordable, clean energy. Would you like to participate in this activity and receive an attractive interest rate on your investment? Then register now.


WindShareFund has been offering ClimateBonds since 2015. With an experienced team of professionals and solid business partners, 4 investment funds have already been successfully launched in the market.

  • Charles (C.E.) Ratelband BBA Charles (C.E.) Ratelband BBA
    Charles (C.E.) Ratelband BBA Managing Director
  • Evertjan (E.) van Roekel LLM MA Evertjan (E.) van Roekel LLM MA
    Evertjan (E.) van Roekel LLM MA Business Advisor
  • Richard (R.A.V.) Jacobs Richard (R.A.V.) Jacobs
    Richard (R.A.V.) Jacobs Head of Client Services
  • Sander (S.K.) van Zijl Sander (S.K.) van Zijl
    Sander (S.K.) van Zijl Head of Business Development
  • Julia (J.) Bron LLM MBA Julia (J.) Bron LLM MBA
    Julia (J.) Bron LLM MBA Finance Manager
  • Pieter (P.W.H.M.) van de Kimmenade MBA Pieter (P.W.H.M.) van de Kimmenade MBA
    Pieter (P.W.H.M.) van de Kimmenade MBA Trustee (honorair)

WindShareFund Foundation

  • WindShareFund Foundation supports projects in areas such as nature conservation, sustainable technological development and the preservation of our rich cultural heritage.

Parties Involved

  • Captin

    Captin manages the register of participants of the WindShareFund I fund. Captin is under the supervision of the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) and is registered in the register of the AFM.

  • Meijburg & Co

    The Dutch tax consequences in the documentation of WindShareFund investment funds I, II and III was drawn up under the responsibility of Meijburg & Co.

  • Deutsche WindGuard

    Deutsche WindGuard provides WindShareFund with Due Diligence studies related to wind turbines.

“For the future of our children so that we can leave a habitable earth for the generations to come. Making a purchase through the registration procedure is simple and clear and the organisation is easily accessible.” Pietersen family, participants in WindShareFund I and III.

About wind energy

Climate change due to the greenhouse effect is a growing problem. CO2 emissions are a significant cause of this. Power generation is responsible for 41% of global energy-related CO2 emissions.

Transition to sustainable energy

Most energy generation is based on the use of scarce fossil fuels that are being depleted. This is extremely harmful to the environment. In addition, Europe is 50% dependent on imports of these polluting fossil fuels, some from politically unstable regions. A transition to sustainable energy must be made in order to safeguard future energy needs.

Europe is currently 50% dependent on fossil fuel imports

Renewable energy markets are on the rise

Wind energy is a proven, dependable technology. This is the cleanest and best option for reducing CO2 emissions. Wind turbines are becoming more and more efficient and profitable while costs continue to fall. Globally, the transition to sustainable, green energy is increasingly seen as a necessity. There is a clear upward trend in the market development of renewable energy, which will continue to increase in the coming decades.

“We are both on the idealistic side of things and investing in sustainable energy is what attracts us.” Annemieke and Roy Zeegers, participants in WindShareFund II and III.
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